Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Electrotexture has started the project Liquid facade:

Liquid Façade is an experimental project inspired by the concept of morphology we all know from the window shelf, where plant slowly turns toward the sun, the tulip in the garden which closes its flower to protect the vulnerable pollen at night or the plant which is able to close it fangs to catch insects. At all times, plants are trying to optimize their shape and adapt to the changes in the environment they occupy. However, plants do not rely on muscles, but chemical reactions causing changes in the fluid pressure the plants cells.

What if a building also could have some of these abilities, and optimize the different properties and shape to match the current environment. What if windows were able to attract and repel heat on demand? Or what if windows could become lamps at night, when darkness makes them redundant?

This project explores the use of fluid to change the properties of a traditional window, which might be the first step in changing what we expect from windows. This will be explored through an art installation, which will have the shape of a window, placed in a dark room. In the window, chemicals will be mixed to create illuminated bubbles, and pumps will provide the bubbles with motion. We aim to create waves, patterns and possibly different colors. The choice of using chemicals is inspired by nature, where algae, plants, fish and insects (among others), use chemically produced light to provide defense, attraction or camouflage. We hope to give the audience an experience of illuminated organic patterns.

The Project is done by Electrotexture Lab. in collaboration with: Lars Knudsen & Anežka Marie Sokol, og Mikkel Stokholm-Bjerregaar

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