Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Workshop: Steamed Wood Structures

Three days hard work in the workshop, playing with steamed wood and grasshopper.
In the workshop Steamed Wood Structures students from the department of Archtiecture and Design, AAU developed experimental organic wood structures, pushing the material to its very limit.

The aim was to explore how to produce parametric structures informed by the constraints of material properties. Through analytical and physical hands-on experiments the students developed an understanding of the behavior of wood; how much it can bend and twist with different sized cross sections. This information was subsequently stored in a scheme containing material properties and constraints, ex data about maxium bending and twisting of steamed Ask wood, with the profiles: 4x4, 4x7, 4x9, 4x12 and 6x6, 8x8, 12x12.

Evaluation of curvature using grasshopper

Digital sketching usind grasshopper as tectonic
evaluation tool.

Sections fabricated on a laser cutter.


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bcossio said...

How were the measures introduced into the model? Thanks