Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Red Pavilion Project

The municipality of Aalborg has recently chosen to economically support the Red Pavilion Project and we are therefore happy to announce that the development of this experimental project will launch during the coming weeks.

The Red Pavilion Project is an experiment that originates from the energetic environment at Platform 4, Aalborgs open space for artistic and technological entrepreneurs. Electrotexture has developed an assembly technique for steel rods, which enables the construction of the complex three-dimensional mathematical patterns that can be found in the growth patterns of crystals. During the following months this technique will be investigated and the outcome will be an 1:1 pavilion placed in Aalborg and exhibited at the event Aalborg in Red (30.08 - 05.09, 2010) and at the Culture Night 2010 (03.09.2010).

The pavilion will, besides its experimental structure, contain an experimental musical program developed in collaboration with Tonometer.

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